Friday 15 February 2013

Remodelling Your Mothers Wedding Dress - Yellow 1950s Prom Dress Style

Cutting up someone else's, mothers wedding dress should have been a terrifying task but Ada was so wonderfully relaxed about the whole process that it went like a dream. 

Ada first of all sent me a photograph of the dress in question, worn many years ago by her mother as her wedding dress. This dress was to be worn as a reception dress and remade into her dream prom dress. 
The thought of wearing your mothers wedding dress is always something I admire, I would have loved to have worn my Mum's fine polkadot maxi dress but she gave it away years ago and the prospect of fitting it would have required rib removal surgery. My Mum makes a size 10 look obbesse! 

Ada was the same size as her Mum and once I had seen the dress and accepted the challenge, she packed it up along with some treats and posted it to me at the studio. 
I drew up three sketches and Ada chose her favourite design. 

It was then just a case of putting the dress in the washing machine to see if any foxing marks from the years of storage would come out. Luckily it came up beautifully,  from my experience in the vintage dress trade I knew what will go through the machine safely. Don't try this at home! 

The original pale yellow lace wedding dress. 
We firstly made up a base dress and bodice and took apart the original dress to be re draped onto the bodice. The fabric was just fabulous in organza and tulle and lace with lots of texture detail. 

removing the sleeves and cutting the waist
Cutting the sweetheart bodice.
The satin lining to the dress with the built in bodice
We made a tulle skirt in the matching yellow and then the lace detailing was finely cut into motifs and then hand appliqued over the skirt. A silk pleated belt was applied and fine detachable straps. 

pleating the soft tulle skirt
cutting out each of the lace and ribbon motifs from the original dress
The scalloped trim from the neckline and hem was used again on the hips to finish the line.
working out the size of the motifs for the dress, these were way too large!
 The end result was such a transformation and along with being yellow, was one of my most enjoyable dresses to work on last year. I love the soft tulle and the the appliqued lace.

packing the dress ready for Ada in London.

Ada on her wedding day with silver glitter shoes! 

The dress was then packed up after Ada had approved the final dress photos and it fitted perfectly. Congratulations to Ada looking beautiful on her wedding day! xxx