Friday, 17 December 2010

Silk Party Dresses

Two of the last party dresses for the holidays so far. The choice of royal blue was excellent as this silk has a slight green shimmer to it and is beautifully rich in pigment. The Royal blue has really inspired, it's a colour I have avoided in the past (quite unnecessarily!) and this looks to be a perfectly gorgeous colour, especially for full skirts. 

The little black dress is our classic and this time with a sultry low cut back to the waist which works well to balance the high neckline at the front of the bodice. Trimmed with a vintage rhinestone brooch and velvet ribbon. Both dresses are available made to order and can purchased from our etsy shop or our direct shop

I'm thinking these are the last of the Christmas Holiday dresses as my head is full of Spring designs and wedding gowns waiting to be worked on. Florals and organdy blushes coming soon.
We're off the London for a few days to the theatre and a pre-Christmas break, no doubt I will find myself amongst fabrics as soon as I arrive.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Knot Back Dresses

This design was originally Anna's from her final collection which was simply stunning and over the years this dress has developed (for a very elegant customer of ours) into many variations. 
The main focus is the knot at the back so simple yet beautifully striking and sophisticated. I recently made them in leopard and lace and are two of my very favourites created this year.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Customer Pics

Thuy's pre wedding photographs looking incredible in the little lace gown we created for her. Photographs by Liebehuman Nguyen or

 Sarah's pleated chiffon all American graduation gown (the most gorgeous and well dressed couple at the very front)

I love to see customer pictures of the dresses we have made them being worn at their events, it's usually the first time we get to see the person wearing the dress and it's so exciting to see.
These two came in recently and are just gorgeous photographs.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Golden Blue Cocktail Dress

I found this vintage piece of Japanese fabric a few years ago and have used it for tiny bits of trimming, Christmas wrapping, bags etc and have finally used it to it's full potential in a glittering 50's silhouetted cocktail dress complete with nets. Luckily I saved just enough.
The seams have all been bound in satin, as the fabric looks so sparkling inside I didn't want to hide it under a lining. Trimmed with a metallic grosgrain ribbon bow to finish.
Available to buy here

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Scarlet Red Dress

Our super rich scarlet red, taffeta cocktail dress, just in time to warm up those Winter chills. Once again inspired by the 50's cocktail dresses I drool over and this time with a slimmed longer line bodice and full gathered skirt.  Available to be made to order here ......

Monday, 15 November 2010

New Dresses

I'm still working on the red and leopard print dress but in the meantime here are some new dresses we've created for party season from vintage fabrics.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fabulous Leopard

 Sorry I have been so slack at posting this week. I've been dyeing things (my hands look like a zombie witch's) making collars, making dresses, ordering fabric, having a general clear out to make more space for fabrics (of which I have quite an unhealthy addiction to) and at last sitting down to make sure this bridal collection is wonderfully designed. I now have a line up of nine dresses that I can't wait to get working on!

The leopard thing started last week and these are two dresses I worked on this week. I have been quickly converted to the thought of red and leopard together after posting on facebook that it won't work. I was directed to 'bell book and candle' where I have been assured that red and leopard not only go together but look amazing! Especially on the oh so beautiful Kim Novak.

This second dress is a dark red velvet with leopard cuffs. Gorgeous.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Creating a Wedding Dress

I usually work on bespoke dresses where the bride has a very individual idea and then I design her dress specifically for her, instead of picking from a collection of set dresses. I now have quite a few designs I've been dying to create so it's time to release my own collection which should be ready early next year.    

This dress was a first sample trial run so I thought I would share the process of creating a wedding gown from start to finish.  I haven't included everything as we would be here forever!

We start with a basic block for the bodice to make the foundation of the dress and make a muslin toile to make sure the bodice design will work and fit correctly. We next cut out the foundation bodice in the silk once the pattern has been cut correctly.

Next the foundation bodice is made up and then boning is inserted where needed whilst checking the fit all round.

The next stage is to build the lining of the bodice, this is the inside of the dress pictured down to the hips and again it's checking the fit and how it lies with the foundation bodice. 

This dress has so many full circles for the base lining, the lining and the tulle skirt which is made up of metres and metres and metres of full circles, all layered and draped to create the full skirt. 

The best way to cut a full circle is with a tape measure and a pin, measuring the same distance all around to make a perfect circle.

The the base lining is attached in silk and I start to build up the layers of the skirt carefully hand stitching each piece in place and checking the fall all the way around. 
I always check the dress in the mirror as I'm working, it's something I picked up from art lessons at school and I think it gives you a new perspective so you can see if anythings not quite right. It's definitely needed after working on the same dress for 10 hours a day!

(please excuse my messy studio, I'm a hoarder!)

Then the bodice is draped onto the foundation in stages constantly adjusting the folds in this particular design until I've got then just in the right place and then hand stitching in place.  Then it's time for the finishing touches in the way of details, sashes, beading, etc. The total time amounts to over fifty hours but the finished piece is always worth it.

The most exciting part is being able to walk into my studio the morning after I've finished the dress to see the design I sketched weeks or months before in real life. xxx

Friday, 29 October 2010

New Dresses

Two new dresses to warm your cockles as Autumn sets in. 
Firstly florals in vintage Sanderson and green velvet and then something rosey red and warming.

Our red dress is available made to order and the Autumn florals is a one of a kind.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dress Collars

Before the excitement of the fayre I set about making dress collars to wear with the little black dress or a simple tee. Here they are starting with the jewelled velvet cocktail collars, to monogrammed collars in ballet pink with your initials embroidered into them and lastly vintage cotton shirt style collars.
They all make that little black dress a tad more interesting and are mostly unique made from vintage dress fabrics.