Friday, 28 February 2014

Reds: 10 Reasons to Wear Red and How

Our latest Red dresses 
Red is the colour of love, passion, hate and fear. Its positive and vibrant and bright and possibly the most reactive of colours. Here are 10 reasons how and why to wear red. 

1. Diana Vreeland Said : "Red is the great clarifier - bright, cleansing, revealing. It makes all colours beautiful. I can't imagine being bored with it - it would be like becoming tired of the person you love".

Dolce and Gabbana A/W 2013 Collection from Vogue 

2. Red from head to toe looks fabulous. - Dolce and Gabbana: for their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection finale was a glorious troop of beauties in red gowns, all looking equally stunning showing how a red dress looks fabulous on everyone. Team with red nails, shoes and lipstick.

The Red Shoes, Powell and Pressburger 1948

3. Red in Technicolour: Film is where red gets most exciting, it made Dorothy's ruby slippers which wouldn't be the legendary shoes if they had been the silver as they nearly were.
And the vibrancy of the red in Powell and Pressberger's 'The Red Shoes' is positively eye popping. It's the most beautiful red on screen, deep, pigment rich red silk satin. The technicolour technique is produced by using three negatives and filtering the light through prisms to get the best (according to some) quality colour in film history.

4. Red Lipstick: Try MACs Relentlessly Red, the title alone sounds fabulous. I think most people can wear red lipstick and I can't say I've ever see it look bad on any beautiful woman. It finishes the face and sets you up for the day. However bad you might secretly feel, no one will ever know.

David Lynch and Christian Louboutin collaboration. Photo by David Lynch

5. Red is sexy: Christian Louboutin knew exactly how to make his shoes the sexiest in fashion, that little glimpse of red lacquer erotically teasing with every step has made women and men worldwide covet his beautifully designed shoes. Women were once upon a time marked with red as a sign of adultery or being prostitutes which developed into the 'red light districts' and 'the scarlet woman'.
It has also been said that the colour red makes people more sexually attractive according to a study by Dr Raj Persaud an Adrian Furnham. (Huffington Post)

6. Its Lucky and prosperous: In Chinese culture the colour red is positive and good luck, in India and Asia red is worn by the bride for her wedding. It's the colour of importance and beauty around the world.

7. Red is a Natural beauty: Red has one of the longest wavelengths in the colour spectrum and gives us those beautiful sunsets, the brilliant red of a rose or poppy and our blood. All natural and vibrant.

8. Red in so many shades: Vermilion, Scarlet, Pillar box, Poppy, Claret, Crimson and Rose. All sumptuous sounding names for the spectrum of red shades. Pale and dark skins try the brighter tones and olive brunettes try the clarets with a matching tone lipstick for a vampish style.

Amber Heard in The Rum Diary 2011 Bruce Robinson 

9. Red and other colours. I love it clashed with pinks and oranges. It's makes such a strong statement with pastels and is at it's greatest with gold and silvers. Wear a red dress to make an impact, think of Amber Heard in The Rum Diary, Marylin's sequins in Gentlemen Prefer Blonde's or the best of the red dresses Mrs Jessica Rabbit. Film has dressed it's leading ladies in red to look and be magnificent so why don't you do the same.

The fabulous Diana Vreeland in her 'Garden in Hell'

10: Diana Vreeland again: “All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red. I can never get painters to mix it for me. It’s exactly as if I’d said, ‘I want rococo with a spot of Gothic in it and a bit of Buddhist temple’—they have no idea what I’m talking about. About the best red is to copy the color of a child’s cap in any Renaissance portrait.”

A little red dress can go a long way and should be a wardrobe staple for when you want to be your most notably fabulous. Keep legs bare and match your dress with lipstick.

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Red Dresses

Our latest capsule collection of red dresses have arrived in the boutique. Each a one of a kind piece hand crafted at our Somerset atelier in brilliant vermilion silk chiffon's, vintage rose print chintz's and the prettiest of laces and flocked tulles.
Each a one of a kind piece.

Clockwise from the top left:

Vermilion silk chiffon ballet dress with button back detail and full sheer skirt. 

Red rose vintage cotton wiggle skirt with pleat pockets 

Poppy red lace T-shirt dress with fitted cotton lining.

Rose pink silk draped strapless bodice top. 

Red rose vintage cotton wiggle dress.

Love Hearts red flocked tulle prom dress. 

Vermilion silk chiffon and lace ballet skirt.

Red Roses vintage cotton print tea dress. 

Coming up ...... 10 reasons to wear red.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Golden Lace Bodice

This gold lace bodice was another piece designed for the What Katy Did Next Golden Reign collection.
Designed for opulence with a delicacy in the bodice that can be worn as part of a bridal or evening ensemble. The French corded lace was hand dyed a mottled antique gold tone and embellished with fine matte gold seed beads. Matching gold buttons fasten in loops at the back down to the waist which is cropped high.
There is something of the Elizabethan armor to this design in the dark golds giving a powerful regal romance to the look.
The fitted princess line cut of the bodice looks beautiful with the full tulle skirts and it would be interesting to see the bodice toned right down with indigo denims and leather.

Available as a one of a kind piece in the online boutique here. 

Photography by Sally T Photography

Photo with model by Sally T Photography, styled by What Katy Did Next

Sally T Photography
What Katy Did Next 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Julia Dress - White and Gold Tulle Gown

ivory tulle wedding dress

Introducing the Julia dress .....

Adorned in golden seed beads and featuring many layers of tulle, romance is encapsulated in the Julia dress. Designed as a one of a kind piece in collaboration with the What Katy Did Next 2014 Reign collection the Julia is a romantic piece for evening or a special occasion.

Thee dress features a strapless hand beaded silk bodice cut in a sweetheart and dropped at the waist making the most of a highlighting belt. Layers of soft ivory tulle cascade from the delicately ruffled hip in an elegant diagonal line to the back. The Hem reflects this line with a graduated line showing off a beautiful choice of shoe.

Available as a one of a kind piece from the online boutique here. 

ivory beaded tulle dress

gold beaded dress

ivory tulle wedding dress with graduated hem

Monday, 24 February 2014

Golden Reign - New Collection from What Katy Did Next

The Etoile veil

Katy Howieson is an accessories designer we have worked with many times before and is someone who's taste and style I trust implicitly. Her beautifully designed hair accessories and jewelry set off the imagination, none so much as her latest Reign collection.

Katy styled our garments with her golden pieces to create these stunning images shot by the always brilliant Sally Thurrell.
I love the use of golden make-up to tie the look together and the dark grey tones that make the gold pop in a regal renaissance painting fashion with added risque.

Favourite pieces include the star studded 'Etoile' veil, the delicate 'Beatrice' pearl earrings (we are wearing ours to many occasions this Summer, they are to die for pretty) and the divine golden crown 'Aurelia' that epitomises the way a crown should look, elegant and regal.

Here's what Katy had to say about the collection on Rock My Wedding.....

Katy: After spending most of last year on bespoke orders, I was really looking forward to making a bold statement with a dramatic Winter collection. I was hugely inspired by the hoards of metallic, glittering gold on the A/W Bridal catwalks and wanted to create a line of unique headwear and accessories with a regal air, that encouraged brides to step outside the box – whether it be with something delicately different or a more striking piece.
The Reign collection is all handmade in the UK so if gold isn’t your cup of tea – a lot of the designs can be altered to work with silvers, ivory and pearl shades." Katy Howieson on Rock My Wedding 
View the collection in the What Katy Did Next online shop here There are many beautiful things not just for brides. 

The Etoile veil with our gold glitter bodice

The Beatrice pearl earrings

The Dahlia leather hair clips with our golden lace jacket 

The Dahlia leather hair clips with our golden lace jacket 

The Dahlia leather hair clips with our golden lace jacket 

The Aurelia golden crown

The Frances Hair Clip. Love the use of gold on the lips.

The Zara veil and Orla belt with our Julia dress

The Orla belt with our Julia dress

The Orla Hair band

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Photography by Sally Thurrell 
Accessories : What Katy Did Next
Make Up: Make Up By Jo
Hair: Kara Scott
Models: Katherine Lees and Mumbi Masisi

Gold - 10 Reasons to Wear it.

Our latest golden gowns 

Gold is one of those colours that can be equally trashy and opulent. Its wonderful for evening wear or as highlights throughout the day, comes in many a workable tone and real or gilded can be glorious.

Here are Ten reasons to wear gold and how....

1. Since the beginning of style this shiny precious metal has been used to adorn the body with its brightness, it's a colour that has worked throughout time. Our favourites are the Cleopatra's, the 1920's and 30's and it's return in the 1970s.

2. When Howard Carter caught sight of King Tut's tomb he was quoted to say '“ my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues, and gold - everywhere the glint of gold. For the moment - an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by - I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to stand the suspense any longer, inquired anxiously, 'Can you see anything?' it was all I could do to get out the words, 'Yes, wonderful things.”  Howard Carter, Tomb of Tutankhamen
Would he have said this if everything wasn't gold? This magnificent discovery inspired fashion for decades to come

Tutankhamen's golden sarcophagus

3. Think of Coco Chanel when wearing gold.  Team it with black and keep it delicate in style. Chanel adorned her designs with golden chains and buttons as elegant highlights and decorated her apartment with the famous golden ears of wheat as symbols of prosperity. 

4. Gold is mostly used in Old Hollywood movies, or at least that's what I imagine the colour is twinkling in black and white and looking so effortlessly glamourous.  Imagine Cleopatra with Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Tayor, Theda Bara or one of Cecil B Demille's Ten commandments. The sequins were used to add extra sparkle to the screen and gave such a heightened elegance. A full length golden sequin gown will have you dazzling an adoring audience.

Coco Chanel photographed by Cecil Beaton

5. Whatever your skin tone gold can work for you. If you are pale use darker antique shades or team with contrasting colour such as black. For darker skin tones go for brilliant blonde shades head to toe. Red lipstick always works with gold and use a metallic bronzer to highlight the cheeks and collarbone to bring the look together. Try MACs mineralize blush in warm soul.

6. When you wear gold you can keep accessories to a minimum. Leave necklines bare, be modest with earrings and splash out with a bracelet or cuff. A little golden confection of a clutch bag will be great too. 

7. Gold works with so many colours and it doesn't always have to look glitsy. Its beautiful and opulent with vibrant Eastern jewel colours of turquoise, ruby and emeralds. Looks sophisticated and elegant with black, stunning with ivory, whites and pastels and for all out 1920s deco glamour with silvers and other precious metals. 

8. Everyone should have one gold piece in their wardrobe. Be it a fabulous metallic pleated skirt, a sequinned flapper dress for dancing in or the gown of all gowns shimmering in gold that makes you feel like a movie star. 

9. Golden cloth woven with god wire and silk has often been seen to befitt Princesses. Try a golden Bikini Princess Leia style.

10. In Henry VII's time gold was only to be worn by Royalty in England, indulge in the fact that we now all have the freedom to wear gold and flaunt it! 

“The future holds a golden world. It will be for beauty; it will be for intelligent productiveness.” - Diana Vreeland

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Grace Kelly in Hitchcocks 'To Catch a Thief' designed by Edith Head

Joan Craford in 'The Women' designed by Edith Head

Greta Garbo in 'Mata Hari'

Barbara Stanwyck in 'Lady of Burlesque'

Lena Horne in 'Stormy Weather'

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Cate dress - Gold sequinned gown.

The Cate dress is a golden icon of a gown swathed in little circular fish-scale paillettes in a matte blonde toned gold. Deep black velvet accents the 1930s inspired deco neckline, mirroring the waist with hand applique glass bugle beads.

Available in the shop as a one of a kind piece.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Bronzed 'Amy' Red Carpet Gown

bronze goddess gown

Awards season is upon us and what could be more dazzling than full length sequins in a dark golden bronze. The 'Amy' gown has just been completed at the atelier as part of our gold series designed with red carpet outing in mind. The gown's cut is backless to the waist with a gathered halter neckline accented with deep black velvet. You can just imagine an Old Hollywood statue all dressed up.

Available as a one of a kind piece in the shop here. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lupita Pink Silk Dress

pale pink silk cocktail dress

Introducing the Lupita dress in a blushing pale ice pink.

The dress was designed with red carpets in mind (of course!) the dress that makes an entrance and has interest from all angles. The bodice features sculpted, razor sharp pleats over the bust, a smooth fitted bodice and a hugging hourglass cut.
The skirt is midi length, that certain 1940's just a little longer cut that teamed with a pair of open fronted courts elongates the line. And glorious drapes falling all the way to the floor to finish at the back.

Style with an optional bead encrusted belt and golden spiked courts and off you go to the ball looking by far the best dressed. Of course!

For more info take a look at the dress in the online boutique here. This is the only one of it's kind. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Pandora Dress

photography lighting

Finally the seventh dress, the Pandora. This little pop rocket of a dress is my personal favourite for its electric personality and illicit thoughts that filled my head whilst designing her.

A single scenario repeated in my imagination for which this dress would be worn .........................

It's a cold, crisp, dark night in New York city and Pandora is entering the premier of her latest film. The flash bulbs are cracking all over the red carpet, paps are shouting her name 'Hey Pandora, look over here for me!', fans are squealing with desperate joy flapping their autograph books and Pandora's porcelain face glows as her eyes sparkle in the light. 

The most famous starlet of our time is bundled into the theatre where she takes a deep breath and flicks her brunette hair back into perfected place. 

The gentleman on her right takes her over sized platinum coat and checks it in, the one on her left goes to announce her anticipated arrival. For just a moment Pandora stands alone in the foyer awaiting the overwhelming fuss that will be made of her in just two minutes time.

A tap on the shoulder startles her, 'he's waiting in the alley' a tall figure whispers closely. 

Her heart pounding and butterflies whirling everywhere Pandora turns on her sparkling heel and move swiftly towards the fire exit. Busting the door open the cold air freshly hits her skin as steam billows from the subway grates. The single light coming from the doorway catches the sequins of her dress shimmering as she opens the heavy black door of the car. In a split second she is free, gone. Leaving just a sheer glimpse of an image.

The Pandora is a coquette of a dress. The sweetheart of the neckline that molds over the smooth bust, the wrapping of the silk chiffon tightly around the waist and the dense sequins that shimmer over the bodice as it moves. The plunging back of the dress reveals all, with long drapes hemmed in indulgent marabou feathers fit for the finest courtesan.
Cut in an hourglass highlighting the curves and falling to the calf I wanted this dress to be both as sexual and ladylike as possible.

For more info on the Pandora in the boutique please click on the photos.

black and white woman with fan burlesque

look book

look book

white dress with lace window

sequins and silk chiffon

look book