Saturday, 22 August 2009

Oh Bakelite Bakelite

Whilst on a hunt to find a new car we stumbled upon a most wonderous old mill housing the Bakelite museum! And what a find....,

If you are an admirer of all things vintage particulary art deco plastic then this place is a dream. Never again will I feel guilty for hoarding and collecting my vintage dresses, it's all work toward a collection like this!

This boutique museum is beautifully arranged over three floors with each section meticulously organized.

It's a true hub of inspiration not only for collectors. Designers and artists will feed well on such an extensive design collection dating from late Victoriana and covering every product imaginable.

You look one way and see classics such a the dark dial telephones and radios, round a corner and colours dazzle your senses.......

......look down and find a small but fabulous collection of specs!

And after all that hard inspiration you can sit for a quintessential English cream tea.........would now love to meet the man who created this true treasure and ask what he's collecting next x
Check it out at

Friday, 31 July 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Well, I got to see Coco Avant Chanel at 11.50 this morning and have been reignited with inspiration ever since.
My husband has offered a romantic evening of film watching and dinner and I just want to lock myself in my studio and make more dresses! (I won't, because I do that most nights)

The film was beautiful, subtle and had some really stunning scenes. At the beach with Boy Capel was just incredible and there were tears flowing as she made her first little black dress and captured inspiration from the fishermen in striped sweaters.

These scenes of her designing evoked so much emotion, I just wish there had been another hour of her work in the 20's where she really (in my eyes) became the strong, inspiring woman that was Chanel and her beloved work. Maybe there will be another beautifully shot film documenting her life after love?

The final scenes with her later collections as a mature, Solitude Chanel were a perfect finish and took a while for the overwhelming tears to stop. (please note I cry at all good films, sometimes just out of happiness that someone made such an incredible, worthwhile effort)

As a huge Gabrielle Chanel fan, the designer I really first fell in love with from a young age, I adored pouring over any type of books on her, I couldn't afford to even look at a real Chanel piece. Solitaire is one of my favourite books by Claude Baillen and is a wonderful insight into the woman that is Chanel in the last ten years of her life.

Above is my favourite ensemble from the film, a mans suit with the ankles rolled up, a white dinner waistcoat and collarless mans shirt. This look was incredibly sexy on screen and so, so chic. The playful, androgynous image is perfect.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Little Red Dress

A red dress is a little like a 'little black dress', there should be one in every wardrobe. They're sexy and can make a real impact, think Jessica Rabbit! They can have a tendancy to look a bit cheap (especially worn up to the gusset!) but I think we've nailed it with this one. Poppies and a yellow bow take away the slutty and adds a little more chic.

The poppies are centred with vintage buttons ........ will look delicious with accessories, comic book style. I love matching colours, it's a bit old hat but can really make everything pop.

Vintage 80's Ray Ban wayfarers

Red and Yellow Luc Kieffer Resin BanglesWhat could be better...Christian Louboutin's in patent leather with the signature red sole!

This dress is a one off and available at our etsy shop
Design your own dresses and show us your styling creations at

Friday, 24 April 2009

What A Princess!

Presenting the ultra chic, 1940's, metallic bronze, brocade princess coat with a wow factor back. Isn't it darn beautiful! Must get on the liquid diet to fit into it as I want to wear it with everything and it looks obscene with boobs bigger than a b cup. There's a reason why the 40's lady is so elegant, no heaving, jiggling, busts........ just small, pert, slim and hourglass. (No offense is you have naturally magnificent bosoms!)

This is really one of my favourite vintage coats, the cut is just perfect at every angle. Princess coats look gorgeous with skinnies, dresses, leggings..........leggings will look killer with an awesome set of heels and rockabilly, bandanna hair!

Must get on the liquid diet to fit into it as I want to wear it with EVERYTHING and it looks obscene with boobs bigger than an A cup. There's a reason why the 40's lady is so elegant, no heaving, jiggling, busts........ just small, pert, slim and hourglass. (No offense is you have naturally magnificent bosoms!)

Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Weston Hospice Care charity shop, this incredible vintage coat has been saved from being ragged! There are amazing things to be found at charity shops and if you ask, most ladies will be happy to save things for you, just be clear about what you are looking for. It's always a great feeling buying from a charity shop as you know the money is going to a good cause plus you get some awesome treats that no one else can have!

If the lovely ladies are keeping things for you please try to pay them an honest price for things, just keeps everything sweet xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

At Last, the Sailor is Here!

Ok, sorry this has taken a while! Here is the long awaited sailor dress......... made in a plum vintage wool crepe found in my store and edged with cotton bindings and ribbons!

I love crepe, everything about it, drapes and fits perfectly every time, that's why I love 1930's dresses so much too!

Have also completed a few more dresses in at last a size 16. They're perfect for curves with tightly fitted bodices and full circle skirts, rockabilly style. The first has an asymmetric sweetheart bodice with a white satin bow at the shoulders and a polka dot full skirt made from another vintage find of fabric.

Really, really enjoying making an individual dress each time. It gets the ideas flowing and makes each one develop organically in it's design. Each dress has to stand up for itself on it's own instead of having other pieces in a collection to back it up.
Anna, a wonderful friend who is creating the dresses has constructed them beautifully with satin bindings inside. She has far more patience than me for sewing!

On another note, cannot wait for Barbara Hulanicki's new Topshop collection. Have a complete obsession with Biba, not just the clothing but the whole brand, the illustrations, the interiors the excitement. Most defiantly want something with the prints and that amazing red print mini dress! Apparently will be distributed to all stores but I'm guessing the Weston Super Mare store may not have the best of the collection. (they always have the slightly mundane pieces to suit Weston's customers!)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Hello Sailor Dresses!

I love the boat stripe here and the art deco angles!

Having a complete fascination and need, want, love for sailor dresses at the moment, the spring is bringing out a wanting for stark whites and fresh contrasts.

Loving the cuff detailing on this, I think mini is the way forward too.

I'm just remembering all the sailor dresses that have been through the vintage shop and I've never paid enough attention to them. Seeing Lilly Allen and the likes in their cute versions makes me think it's time to do our take on the sailor dress.

Would love one of these tops, will have to check out army and navy.

The sailor dress is really quite iconic and I think a must have for every wardrobe! Certainly great collector pieces.

These two are the cutest sailor dresses, think they maybe for 5 year olds but still fabulous! Vintage (me thinks 40's inspired) sailor dresses here we come! In the mean time check out the website at Go ahead and create your own dresses on the site whilst we work on ours!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New dress created for

Have finished a new dress in a gorgeous vintage yellow floral print cotton.
The black breaks up the yellow and makes it pop a little more, just love black and yellow together at the moment. I think I've got it from seeing a vintage Ossie Clark maxi dress with a black and yellow stripe trim.
Here's a pic of the new dress........
New vintage items in the dress-like-a-king eBay shop too! xxx