Thursday 14 February 2013

Red Silk Gown - Old Hollywood Red Carpet Glamour

Today it seems fitting to talk about this dress. This was the last dress of 2012 that I made and I was totally head of heels in love with this garment. It ended the year perfectly and this floor length red silk satin gown renewed my love of couture and design.

The lady in the red dress is a very special type of person.  One that inspires you, understands and respects the work you are carrying out and one who knows how to wear a dress. This helped along way to produce a dress that was stunning on and off the wearer. 

The dress is made up of two parts, the slip underneath is trimmed with a French Chantilly lace and has a boned bodice. The fine silk drapes over the body lightly to smooth the figure and help the top layer drape jut how it should.  Fine straps made in the same light silk make this a dress in it's own right, so very ballet inspired. 
The main gown then simply wraps over the slip with a single covered silk button to fasten and a matching self belt. This one was trimmed with an original 1930s Art Deco buckle which finished the dress beautifully. I loved the lace edging peeking through and the sweep of the dress as it walked and caught in a breeze. 

So very Old Hollywood and thank you very, very, very much to the lady who asked me for a wow factor red gown for her fabulous Christmas party. 

Other than to Wing,  my Valentines love goes to this dress for inspiring me to design just beautiful dresses. xxx