Sunday 17 February 2013

Behind the scenes of the new collection shoot

A couple of the behind the scenes images from shooting the new Spring Stripes collection.

The photo shoots are usually very unorganized on my part, I spend so long working on the dresses I always put the shoot second. This time I had the dresses ready and a bit more of a plan, all I needed was photographer Laura Power and a couple of beautiful models to put the dresses on.

I like to use the same photographer for shoots, it's important to find someone on your wavelength and a person that feels free to experiment. I completely trust Laura to produce the images I want for lookbooks and when it comes to fashion photography, she knows her stuff. I love that she uses digital, film and allsorts of exciting looking cameras and isn't pretentious in her work. She simply captures something no one else does.

I wanted to work with Natalie and Kim again, they are very natural together and despite Kim being 7 months pregnant she looked radiant at the shoot. It was the first time I have ever seen a pregnant tummy in real life she she looked so incredibly beautiful.

We started the day outside as I wanted to get a single image that would capture the mood of the collection. The rest of the day was spent shooting the looks (quite a tiresome exsersise for everyone) and then some more experimenting. The backdrop was kept to simple white walls and lots of Vogue's. The light in the Winter goes so fast so my grand plan for visiting the local decaying seaside resort had to be put aside for another day. Making Kim and Natalie stand out in the freezing wind in sheer summer dresses wasn't really fair either. Natalie was already in shock from the morning shots. Fur coats and hot water bottles needed.

As usual the last shots of the day were to be some of the best. I can't wait to share them!