Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Venus Dress

goddess gown

The Venus Dress is a fantasy of goddesses and couturiers draped into a gown.

The main influences are the 1940's screen goddess Ava Gardener in 'One Touch Of Venus' combined with the sculptural work of Madame Gres and the iconic stars of the art deco period that were inspired by Halley's comet.

The stars for this design were used in five pointed deco form in silver and whites to produce a heavily beaded stomacher that accentuates the waist creating a central focus. In opaque white seed beads, Swarovski crystals and bugle beads, the stars that are also featured on the shoulders and buttons adding an opulent weight to the dress.  Over ten meters make up the skirt that falls heavily in the softest jersey to the floor and produces the most incredible lines (the picture above demonstrates this).

As the hand crafted sculptural process used to drape the dress became something of a labour of love, it was soon apparent that this dress would be a beautiful one off.

Have a closer look at the dress with more details of purchasing this one of a kind piece here. 

couture beading

Grecian goddess gown

1940s goddess gown

goddess gown

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Aphrodite Dress


A study of simplicity and silhouette in ivory crepe jersey 
trimmed with silver hand beaded belts in a elegant draped hourglass 
deco design. The bodice smooths over the bust to the draped 
skirt that follows the figure beautifully. At the back a small train 
lengthens the line up to the open backed bodice with just the 
fine bead work for detail at the base of the spine.

Available exclusively online. 

1930s gown

backless gown

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Fortuna Dress

The Fortuna dress is patterned in fine embroidered lace and trimmed with covered buttons all along the spine that plunges towards the softer tulle hem. Hand appliqued lace blooms encrusted with blush Swarovski gems add dimension over the bodice and continues in hiding throughout the tulle skirt. Finished with a glass bugle bead and Swarovski crystal belt.

This dress was designed for the stage and screen. A gown surrounded by singing gentlemen, revolving on pedestals and dancing the quickstep. 

Available online here. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Freya Dress

The Freya dress is for the Follies girl dancing through the night with curls in her hair and feathers fluffing everywhere.

The key detail in the Freya dress is the huge plume of Ostrich feathers that weigh down the hem and tickle the sequins hidden underneath. Ostrich never fails to insight the imagination and in the making of this dress were delicately dipped in tea and blow-dried to get the right tone. The feathers tended to look a little too new and unnatural when they first arrived so needed calming.

On designing, this needed to be a dress that really moved. Tiny pearlescent seed beads were used to tassel each Swarovski crystal that patterns the dress to catch the light with every step.
The same beads trim the neckline and cuffs of the silk Georgette with fine feather motifs that were carefully beaded by hand here at the studio. Underneath a silk slip is sequined over the hem and bodice which adds another secret dimension to the sheer dress above.

The dresses all have a character to play and the Freya dress is all caught up in fantasies of the Ziegfeld Follies, Boardwalk Empire Molls and the original fearless flappers. It's cute with the fluff and prettiness but it also packs a hell of a sexy punch when worn.

Available exclusively online here. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Divine Creatures 2014 Collection








Divine Creatures Collection

Here is the collection we have been passionately working away on over the past few months. Our very own goddess Nicole captured the mood of each dress beautifully during the shoot which took place at our dress cabin.  

Here's what it's all about............. 

Seven exquisite exhibition gowns make up the latest 2014 collection from Alexandra King, each piece an individual idea crossing the lines of fashion and art. Heavenly beaded stars encrust the cinched waist of a goddess gown, there is a 'birds and the bees' gown a literal symbol and labour of love whilst big blushing feather plumes flirt with hems on dresses fit only for the most vampish of starlets.
Colours are the classics in ivory, marbles and whites with precious metal embellishments in golds, coppers silvers and pearls.
The collection was designed for that dream goddess or starlet character that fills our secret imaginary fantasies. Be it Marylin backstage with Bobby and Jack, a divine icon on the silver screen or simply sat upon a pedestal, a beauty amongst the gods swathed in one of these gowns. It's pure indulgent fantasy.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Collection 2014 - The Sketches


Each of the final designs you see, all beaded and beautiful starts with a sketch. In fact a number of sketches and bits of paper, backs of envelopes, midnight scrawls, digital scribblings of all the details that make up a single dress. As Paul Smith says, 'you can find inspiration in everything' and in my case everywhere.
Once these many sketches are brought together to form a single garment or accessory the magic really begins with the fabrics. Beads and colours are selected whilst patterns are cut and the sewing begins in a fury to see what the finished dress will look like.

These are the final sketches and a preview of the Divine Creatures collection, 2014.  A set of seven pieces that will ignite the imagination and soon leap off the page into reality.