Monday, 17 August 2015

Old Hollywood Photoshoot

Old Hollywood Socialite Photoshoot 

A few months ago our lovely customer Cairistiona agreed to model for portraits in our gowns. These are some of the first portraits I have shot and am really pleased with the style and the look of the dresses. The aim was a 1930s Old Hollywood / Socialite style and Cairistiona had just the right look of intelligence and elegance. Thank you to Cairistiona for modelling, looking beautiful and for putting on so many dresses.

Learning to take my own photographs is really important especially when I am looking for a very specific image of the dress.
I have worked with incredible photographers who as you can see in the journal have produced the most stunning images of the dresses. However it isn't always possible to have a photographer on tap nor is ever fair to ask a photographer to change their style to suit your specific whim. Hopefully over time I can refine my photography skills and add another string to my bow.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Student Work Experience Project - Poppy Youde

Last Summer, A-level student Poppy Youde joined me at the studio for a work experience project.

It is so important when accepting students for work experience or internships that they are getting experience and go away with something wonderful for their portfolios. Simply using them as free labour to do menial tasks is not ok. 

I asked Poppy to think what she would like from the week and we set a project that would be a complete portfolio piece covering basic aspects of research, design, pattern cutting, making and finally styling. All images are the work of Poppy Youde.

Poppy showed great enthusiasm arriving with initial ideas and sketches along with her chosen fabric, pink gingham. She continued with further research into gingham and created an inspiration layout/mood board in a magazine style. 

Poppy the finalized her designs and together we the went on to draw out patterns and cut the fabric. Throughout the making process Poppy gave input and worked hard on the finishing which is an essential part of the garment make. It is essential that all fashion students understand the make and cut of garments, however much they may dislike the sewing process. It is impossible to be good designer without these basics. 

Once the garments were made and fitted Poppy went away to research her styling and was ready to model and style her designed outfit. 

Poppy really excelled at her research, design and styling. She is going on to study a Foundation diploma in Bristol and then aims to study fashion at degree level. View her blog Princess Seam here. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Vintage Gold Lame Marilyn Dress

Alexandra King Vintage

Alexandra King Vintage

Above is the original Travilla sketch for Marilyn Monroe's iconic gold dress. The dress has just a few seconds screen time in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes but has gone down in history as one of Miss Monroe's most famous garments. 

It was lovely to discover this gold lame dress below that looked so similar to the Monroe dress but from the 1930s. 
The dress ooozes silver screen Jean Harlow glamour and is made from a stunningly beautiful metallic 1930s real lame. At last I understand the beauty of this most fine of fabrics. No superlative is too much for this gown.

The dress is backless with a ruched centre from and delicate side fastening in poppers and hooks.
Inside is a grosgrain waist stay with the label Chiara. I have never seen this label, the dress was purchased in the UK but could be French? Or Italian?  

Alexandra King Vintage

Alexandra King Vintage

Alexandra King Vintage

Alexandra King Vintage

Alexandra King Vintage

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Lady of the Lake Photoshoot with Photographer Laura Power

How to dress bohemian - Alexandra King, Elmore Court Shoot with Laura Power

Alexandra King Dress at Elmore Court Cotswolds

Alexandra King Dress at Elmore Court Cotswolds

Alexandra King Dove tulle dress

Alexandra King Tulle dress

alexandra king tulle ball gown

alexandra king dove tulle ballgown dress

Back in the early Spring a group of us - designers, photographers, film crew, stylists and models and more arrived at Elmore Court in the Cotswolds for a two day photoshoot.

These images are from the first day with model Laura who was an absolute gem and tough as nails for standing in the freezing cold lake, simply swathed in a sheer lace dress of mine.

The look was Lady of the Lake emerging from the waters to take her place in the grand house at the ball. She transcends from bohemian beauty of nature in sheer lace, to divine goddess in couture draped tulle.

The gowns featured were the Dove Tulle Ballgown and The Bohemian Blue Lace Gown. 

The crew were ...

Photographer - Laura Power
Florist - Sorori Design - Maria Wilcox
Stylist - Lauren Grey
Model - Laura
Effects - Every Event Hire
Film Crew - Vogue wedding films

A huge thank you to everyone at Elmore Court for letting us use the stunning house and grounds.