Wednesday 7 March 2012

Spring is here - New Corsages

Here come the Camellias and roses and gorgeous, gorgeous florals from Anna. It's taken me so long to list these stunning Camellias (paying homage to Coco Chanel's favourite corsage bloom here) and silk roses, but after lots of arranging them on a little black dress we got there!

Anna hand made each of these corsages, hand cutting each of the heart shaped petals and stitching them one by one into place for the perfect Camellia. I love the way that the plain corsages are backed with vintage prints, you keep catching hints of the colour combinations in the Liberty prints and the roses are so soft and delicate nearly like the real thing. Mostly I love that these doesn't wilt, fade or die on you!

Each corsage has a brooch back and it's amazing what you can do with one flower.........

Carrie SATC style on your dress
Tie to a ribbon and wear as a belt
Vintage prom style wrist corsage, again pinned to ribbon
Attached to hair band for an Ascot legal head piece
To pep up a clutch bag or any bag
Give them to your friends, and anyone you like quite a lot
Get five and make a fabulous bouquet

And if you're anything like me at gardening you could attach them to sticks and pretend you grew super amazing flowers ...... the list is endless.

Seriously one of the most useful little accessories I can think of right now and they work wonders on a little black or plain dress. Exciting just on your dressing table.

Sorry for the hard sell I just think they look so gorgeous I want to shout about them. Let me know if you can find any more wonderful ways to wear a corsage? I love hearing your ideas.

They are now available in the Etsy shop, click on each image to find them in the store xxx 

P.S Anna will also be making these into stunning camellia and rose silk bouquets, she properly knows her floristry so these will look wow!