Friday 16 March 2012

Friday Friends - Part 1

Last Sunday the 11th March we were delighted to take part in the Wedding fair organised by Marry Me Somerset at the Mansion House, Bristol.

 Marry me Somerset ladies Abi and Lisa wore two dresses we designed with them in mind and looked fabulous all day whilst whizzing around the Mansion House keeping us all happy.

The Mansion House, Bristol, is a wonderful location and a real hidden gem. Not many people have heard of this beautiful Mansion, official residence to the Lord Mayor of Bristol and just off Clifton Down. Surrounded by a road of historical grand mansions this is a prestigious address that has real wow factor when you step inside. 

Our stand at the fair with Mum hosting and looking gorgeous and smiley as always. We are still getting into the swing of fair set ups and decoration, many levels will be our next stage with exciting props.

We were upstairs in a grand room with all of these wonderful designers and makers. At first we all thought it would be a little awkward but then you realise that we are all so different in our styles. I had an amazing time getting to know all of these fascinating and talented people, that I would have previously been way to scared to talk too ........

A suit that Fits - super suave, expertly cut suits for gents and ladies.David the studio manager knows how to wear a suit well and not only sent us home wanting to suit up our husbands but added a 'Suit That Fits' tailored jacket and shirt to my want list. I love the tailored womens jacket with bow tie, so Chanel in the 20s with an equestrian cut.

Lisa Keating bespoke corsets - This lady is such a huge inspiration. Lisa studied at the same University as us and has already has a long career in corsetry making the most wow factor corsets I have ever seen. They are made with such skill that they look like prized museum pieces. Lisa designs corsets for underwear (this is what I want everyone to wear under dresses!) and as outerwear for bespoke bridal gowns and any occasion. Her current project is a corset for a burlesque star.

These really are works of art up close when you see the bead work, lace applique and her signature hand sewn roses. I'm going to get back to burlesque as soon as I possibly can so I can reward myself with a cupped, sequined affair or at least learn how to make one in one of the workshops Lisa runs.

Beth Philpot Bridal and Jewellery Designer - Beth is a totally gorgeous lady and one whom we need to shout about as she isn't the shouting type.
Beth's bridal wear is again bespoke and cinematic romance is key to her style with flowing, ultra feminine lines. When you read her vast CV in costume design for film and opera it makes perfect sense. Her dresses are beautifully cut with considered detailing at every point then complimented with her oh so pretty jewellery.

Each of the roses was handcrafted by Beth at her studio in colours perfect for this seasons pastel tones. She too runs workshops and hen parties.

Lily and Louie Bridal and accessory designers with a stunning antique dress collection that I fell head over heels for. Jayne is the lady behind Lily and Louie designing with a real genuine passion for vintage dresses and style. We both chattered on about how much we both love, love dresses to the point of obsession and her bridal collection too is just gorgeous. I wanted to buy the whole rail of vintage dresses and wear them with all of her hand made accessories.

Madeline millinery and accessories, stunning designs and wow factor hats!!! When I suggest to people when visiting the studio to get a hat or head piece, this is what I mean. No silly bits of feathers that make your head look massively out of proportion, these are proper sized, beautifully, beautifully made and elegant. You should never be afraid to wear a substantial piece like these, as they are designed to give you that wow factor finish.
I was hugely impressed with this lady, the designs are something really special and I just wish I had spoken for longer to this super talented designer.

This was only half of the wonderful people we met, part 2 coming up later ...........