Friday 16 March 2012

Friday Friends - Part 2

Photography by Oscar and Rose

Oscar and Rose photography
Emma of Oscar and Rose is quite a talent and we were so, so, so excited to see these photos she took at the Mansion House of us with the Marry Me Somerset girls. There will be more images coming up in a separate post but for now I just love this image. I think I'm supposed to be looking wise in some way but I was more entertained at Lisa's face. She didn't stop us giggling all day!

Marry Me In Somerset - these ladies are organisational wizards and fabulous at bringing people together. We have been to a few of their events and all have been great fun and really important in getting to know more people in the industry. I owe a lot of my growing confidence in speaking to people to them.
They have a directory of carefully selected wedding businesses based in Somerset and are genuine in their passion to promote excellent quality, so there is no longer that feeling of being ripped off when you are trying to organise your wedding. Use this site.

The wedding reporter

Before I met the infamous Cloggins I really didn't get what the wedding reporter was all about.
I'd followed her tweets and heard so many people talking about her that I was desperate to find out more, and I am so glad I did. I get it now!
She 'writes love stories' and you're the characters. Cloggins will get to know you, attend your wedding and write your story. It is then bound into a beautiful book (she collaborates with designer/illustrator Leah Spicer) that you can read over and over again, your own personal love story.
A genius idea of which she is the inventor of, the original, one and only wedding reporter.

Note: I'm so sorry if my grammar is terrible! Cloggins is a highly skilled writer stressing the importance of good grammar, as it represents you and your business. She's wise and true.

A stunning Bramble and Wild Bouquet. Photography by Oscar and Rose

Bramble and Wild Floral Emporium

So pretty the flowers and the ladies, just like a florist in a movie wearing a gorgeous dress in her flower shop. Bramble and Wild Floral Emporium is based in our favourite town of Frome on Catherine Hill and I just love the rustic natural style to their floristry. It's not just putting a bunch of flowers together, they understand colour and shape and design every time they pick up a bloom. 

Aunties Vintage China

Now I love a vintage tea set as much as everyone else, especially an art deco one but lately I have seen many, many vintage tea cups. What I loved about Aunties Vintage China was that they showed me something new at the wedding fair. A completely beautiful fine china brooch bouquet.
 As you can see it's full of colour, texture and indulgent prettiness. I remember seeing these delicate little brooches on my travels over the years and buying a few keeping them wrapped safely in tissue. Seeing them all together in a bouquet, glossy and bright is wonderful. Read more on their website here.

The Little Wedding Helper

Kirsten aka the little wedding helper is a super lovely lady here to co-ordinate the styling for your wedding.
She'll also help put all your decorations together on the morning of your wedding so you a free to spend all your time concentrating on yourself, friends and family. I can doubly vouch for this lady as she styled Sara's wedding into a candle lit, Phantom of Opera affair!
I love the Coco Cola styling with the polka dots and stripe suitcase, we just need Minnie Mouse to sit atop.

It has been really fantastic to meet all of these people, and there were so many more that I just didn't get a chance to properly speak too. Hopefully I will meet you again at another Marry Me Event xxx