Thursday 15 March 2012

Mid week Movie - My Week With Marilyn

My week with Marilyn directed by Simon Curtis 2011 and written by Colin Clark and Adrian Hodges.
We watched this last night for the first time. I want to watch it again, and again.
Michelle Williams (Marilyn) and Eddie Redmayne (Colin) were fabulous, she got the character of Marilyn perfectly without it being an impression, making the role her own. I could have watched those two for the whole length of the film, maybe bringing in the Arthur Miller character (played by Dougray Scott) for a scene as he looked amazing too.
The one thing that didn't seem to sit well on first viewing was that it felt a little forced with such Great British cliches in the story (which I'm sure really happened!). Visits to Eton and Windsor castle, Judy Dench and the cast that made it appear there are only five British actors in the world. They are brilliant actors but the old familiar faces were quite distracting for this story, some unknown names could have been better.
Its difficult when the story involves film stars that are inbedded in our memory, and have become almost untouchable. We're all going to be critical if they don't meet our set fantasies of the Hollywood stars.

My favourite scene - when Marilyn first steps off the plane and the press conference. I just love Marilyn and Arthur Miller together. The next scene is the skinny dipping, she just seems to capture that sexy, exciting side that everyone imagines Marilyn Monroe must have had.
My favourite costumes ........... By Jill Taylor
Colin's suits, the wide cut trousers and longer fitted jackets with the shirts.
Arthur Millers shirts and chinos, effortlessly so handsome with the glasses
Of course Marilyn's Prince and the showgirl hourglass white dress, I'm sure there's some padding in those hips which make her curves just look incredible. (must research)
Marilyns chined waist wiggle dress with the empire line cut tightly under the bust with darts to make it pop at a fabulous angle.
Marilyns super simple camel pencil skirt and cream shirt with the collar folded back. It's all about the cut being so perfect to show of the figure and the waist at its best.

Inspirations it's left me with - to go blonde, wear red lipstick, hourglass cuts in plain fabrics and silhouette, silhouette, silhouette.