Friday 2 March 2012

Friday Friends - Mundy's Florists

We recently finished this fabulous floral print dress (fabrics as nearly always from Millie Moon) and it has gone to the window display of Mundy's in Street all thanks to Anna. It looks amazing in the window surrounded by all the beautiful flowers and they are long time acquaintance's of Anna so over to her to tell you all about them  .......

Last week I was excited to be able to lend one of our new dresses to Mundy's of Street Floral Designers to be part of their Mother's Day window display.
I suppose you could say Mundy's is where it all started for me - I proudly got my first Saturday job there in 1997, aged 14, and stayed working for them through school, college and university until eventually moving on to my 'proper' graduate job in 2005. I don't suppose many people can say they spent 8 years in their first part time job - I must have enjoyed it!
Mundy's Floral Design is a family run business that has been established over 120 years. The quality of their flowers, plants and floral accessories is second to none, not to mention Julie has 20 years experience in creating bridal flowers for over 2500 brides (me included.)
I honestly believe that in the time I spent working for Mundy's I gained the interest in colour/texture and developed the creativity that got me to doing what I do today. I'd also like to think I picked up a few things about retail and customer service and, as middle aged as it sounds, I've become a keen gardener. So thanks for everything guys.
Don't forget Mother's Day is March 18th - 'Say it with flowers....'