Monday 5 March 2012

Moodboard Monday

If you don't already know this,  a mood board is a group of images, text, colours assembled on one page to illustrate a 'mood' or theme for a project/collection and gives inspiration/focus when designing.

I feel like I'm constantly looking at images every day and for some reason I never really got into making mood boards. I really struggled with them at uni finding it hard to pin down all the images that inspired and influenced me into to groups that all went together. When it came to being inspired my head was like this massive vacuum sucking up everything all at once and applying it to individual dresses one at at time.

Collection building was nearly impossible for me to concentrate long enough to design ten pieces that worked together instead of ten completely different dresses, which is still something I do today. They are slowly beginning to work together as my style is becoming stronger in it's identity, but I still have to admit that design ADHD is what I have.

I'm hoping by compiling a mood board each Monday will just help me document all of my inspirations.  As a project it will be good to see these in a years time along with the collections to see where they have really influenced.

The first mood board is a Cecil Beaton and Tim Walker mash up as we have been looking at these two photographers for inspiration on last weeks photo shoot. The Cecil Beaton photograph of Charles James dresses in New York is one of my all time favourite images along with Tim Walkers Dress Lamp Tree. They both have this perfect way or making the dress the focus of the images, capturing all the folds, the light reflecting off the fabrics and the drama of the couture dresses. Everything else is almost secondary including the models, it's all about the dresses.