Monday 29 October 2012

Vanessa's Wedding

 And at last I can share the fabulous photos of Vanessa's wedding.Yes those gorgeous dresses being worn in real life!
Dan Jones is the brilliant photographer who caught these images on camera, excellent job done here.
The incredible pom poms and by The North Pom, this is how to decorate properly with poms, you want hundreds and this is the most spectacular vision of brightly coloured pom poms I have seen.

Vanessa and her super talented entourage made everything look totally beautiful for this wedding, the attention to detail was incredible and Vanessa even set up a crafting group to help with all the decoration making for the day. It's a great idea and you can continue on afterwards for the next wedding or event.

Even the beers were specially brewed and labels by Vanessas husband Mr B and they wrote the table plans on the windows of the village hall with glass markers. There are just so many wonderful ideas from Vanessa's wedding and all of it 'home made' which makes it all the more fantastic.

You can read more about Vanessa's wedding and her creative daily life along with her little son Joel's adventures here. 

Note: having creative friends and a designer husband to be is very handy indeed, value them greatly always. Congratulations Vanessa, Mr B and Joel!!!!!

Credits and links: 

Dresses: Us Alexandra King!
Photography: Dan Jones Photography
Pom Poms: The North Pom
Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Bus: Cumbria Classic Coaches 
Venue: A Local Village Hall - village halls make the best venues for DIY weddings.
Photobooth props, table numbers and decorations: all made by friends, family and Mr B (Vanessa's husband)