Friday 19 October 2012

Get Your Glitter On - New Collection

Today I'm very excited about our new glitter accessories collection. I fell in love with this glitter fabric a while ago when the wonderful Janine Basil sent me some snippets. It had stayed in my sketchbook for nearly a year until the lovely Caroline (a fabulous bride) and Kurt Geiger collided with the silver glitter bow pumps that will forever be one of my favourite shoe styles. You can check out all the current glitter shoes that we'll be matching our accessories too here.

Photography Copyright Assassynation 

So then we made the bag to match for Caroline (above) ......

And then the bag was so gorgeous I decided that every accessory must be designed in glitter ......
And then in every colour. Yes there is a dress involved too!

The first collections in Pumpkin Spice, Ruby Reds and Sparkling Silver will be available online on Monday.