Friday 26 October 2012

Friday Friends - Lindsey Wilks

My very own tea cup and saucer painted by Lindsey, check out the stripe and dotty bunting and the hidden bow in my cup! 

Rose glass for my rose lemonade, I love the pinks and greens together

The Peacock pin or bonbon dish, perfect to keep trinkets, sweets, anything in. Have a set of six and serve ice-cream with all the trimmings!

This weeks Friday Friends is someone I am so pleased to have met and a super talented lady who is divinely modest about her skills. The lovely artist and designer Lindsey Wilks.

I first met Lindsey when she came to the studio to chat about dresses, I'm always really interested to hear what everyone does and Lindsey coyly told me she painted porcelain. I'm not the biggest crockery fan as it's usually a bit dull, but took a look at her site and was so excited (and relieved) about what I saw.

Fabulous explosions of colour, beautiful painted scripts and typography to die for. Lindsey has a definite style and flare and there is nothing twee about her gorgeous colour popping works of art. She told me she just loves painting flowers but the little details she adds are so much more than this. The tiny gold hand painted dots reflecting the opulence of gilt edged Louis XVI designs, I think they would sit perfectly in Sophia Coppola's Mary Antoinette too.

The plates and tea cups are a florists dream, heavily laden with roses, blossoms, Lillie's, all together with personal swirling messages that make these items such an individual gift for someone. Lindsey is currently painting all of her wedding plates that are going to look stunning, you don't really need flowers with these around.

The best thing (I like to be practical about pretty things!) is that you can properly use these, they are all fine to go through the dishwasher, eat your tea from with steak knives, and this kind of crockery is worth getting excited about. I just adore the absolute gorgeousness of it all!

You can see and buy Lindsey's work here in her etsy shop. or click on the pictures above.  Just in time for Christmas presents.

Thank you Lindsey for sharing! x