Thursday 11 October 2012

Vanessa's smokey grey dress ....

(I'm resisting 'shad of grey' here, my girls are way too intelligent for it to even be a joke).
 Today I'm going to show this first instalment from a colour popping, Pom Pom filled wedding up North. This is where that soft grey tulle dress you all love originated and Vanessa's beautiful deep grey and coral wedding dress was a dream come true to work on.

The dress made in a floating soft tulle in smokey grey was an inspiration making all colours around it totally pop. Vanessa art directed her wedding to the finest detail and this was also the case with the wardrobe, she really knew how she wanted everything to look resulting in some stunning ideas.

Vanessa's dress was then studded with coral Swarovski crystals, trimmed with metallic gold edging to the underskirt and finished with a coral silk belt all the match the gorgeous Rachel Simpson silk and leather shoes.

Coming up next in the 'Vanessa series' will be the bridesmaids .......... These are totally gonna brighten your day :)

N.B A few of you may have noticed that things have been quiet online for a bit and this is down to us loosing complete internet connection for 30 days! The mast has been damaged and the lovely 'three mobile' are less that quick about fixing it. It's still not how it should be but we are slowly getting up to date out here in the countryside.