Friday 26 October 2012

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

Coming to Birmingham next Sunday 4th November at the Fazeley Studios is the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza. Don't be a looser like me and miss out!

We were going to be here but unfortunately had to pull out. I really wish we could be there as I have wanted to meet these people for such a long time, they are all a massive inspiration.
Anyway, it's totally going to be an awesome day that is completely different from any of the normal icky wedding fairs you usually get dragged to!

Sassy, Jo and Vikki have put together an amazing day with only the most amazing and highly skilled exhibitors. For starters these three alone are worth travelling for. Sassy aka Asassynation is the photographer that makes everything look wow factor, sparkles, fireworks and all.
Assassynation, The Couture Co.

Jo of The Couture Company is someone I have admired for ages, the craftsmanship in her designs and dresses is perfection and I know I shouldn't be saying this but she really can make the dress and corset of dreams come true.


And if it's romance your after, take a look at Vikki's dresses of Liliia. They don't get more etheral and goddess like than this.
The other wondrous people there will be Elbie Van Eeden, the coolest hair and make up artist in the world.

Elbie Van Eeden

Restoration cake, Mary Antoinette would have lost her head all over again. Yum Yum.

Restoration Cake

Steve Gerrard and Lisa Devlin photographers  ..... If you read Rocknroll Bride you'll know this crowd well, they are some of the best in the country if not the world at making your wedding day better than any you can imagine.

Madeline Bride, as you know this lady is the finest Milliner in the business (in my opinion) and she is so lovely.

............. plus there are loads more fantasticly cool people to meet and spend the day with.

So the point of the day is for you people looking for inspirational and hugely talented people, to meet them all in one place. Everyone has been encouraged to make their spaces exciting, fun and relaxed for you, there's a fashion walkabout and even a treasure hunt! ..... and best of all there are no vulture's doing the hard sell on you. A proper fun day out for all.

Read what the day will involve here
Here are all the Bad Ass Mother Flockers aka amazing suppliers.

And here is where you get tickets ................... go forth and have fun in Birmingham. Flockin wish I could be there!