Saturday 22 August 2009

Oh Bakelite Bakelite

Whilst on a hunt to find a new car we stumbled upon a most wonderous old mill housing the Bakelite museum! And what a find....,

If you are an admirer of all things vintage particulary art deco plastic then this place is a dream. Never again will I feel guilty for hoarding and collecting my vintage dresses, it's all work toward a collection like this!

This boutique museum is beautifully arranged over three floors with each section meticulously organized.

It's a true hub of inspiration not only for collectors. Designers and artists will feed well on such an extensive design collection dating from late Victoriana and covering every product imaginable.

You look one way and see classics such a the dark dial telephones and radios, round a corner and colours dazzle your senses.......

......look down and find a small but fabulous collection of specs!

And after all that hard inspiration you can sit for a quintessential English cream tea.........would now love to meet the man who created this true treasure and ask what he's collecting next x
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