Friday 31 July 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Well, I got to see Coco Avant Chanel at 11.50 this morning and have been reignited with inspiration ever since.
My husband has offered a romantic evening of film watching and dinner and I just want to lock myself in my studio and make more dresses! (I won't, because I do that most nights)

The film was beautiful, subtle and had some really stunning scenes. At the beach with Boy Capel was just incredible and there were tears flowing as she made her first little black dress and captured inspiration from the fishermen in striped sweaters.

These scenes of her designing evoked so much emotion, I just wish there had been another hour of her work in the 20's where she really (in my eyes) became the strong, inspiring woman that was Chanel and her beloved work. Maybe there will be another beautifully shot film documenting her life after love?

The final scenes with her later collections as a mature, Solitude Chanel were a perfect finish and took a while for the overwhelming tears to stop. (please note I cry at all good films, sometimes just out of happiness that someone made such an incredible, worthwhile effort)

As a huge Gabrielle Chanel fan, the designer I really first fell in love with from a young age, I adored pouring over any type of books on her, I couldn't afford to even look at a real Chanel piece. Solitaire is one of my favourite books by Claude Baillen and is a wonderful insight into the woman that is Chanel in the last ten years of her life.

Above is my favourite ensemble from the film, a mans suit with the ankles rolled up, a white dinner waistcoat and collarless mans shirt. This look was incredibly sexy on screen and so, so chic. The playful, androgynous image is perfect.