Tuesday 21 April 2009

At Last, the Sailor is Here!

Ok, sorry this has taken a while! Here is the long awaited sailor dress......... made in a plum vintage wool crepe found in my store and edged with cotton bindings and ribbons!

I love crepe, everything about it, drapes and fits perfectly every time, that's why I love 1930's dresses so much too!

Have also completed a few more dresses in at last a size 16. They're perfect for curves with tightly fitted bodices and full circle skirts, rockabilly style. The first has an asymmetric sweetheart bodice with a white satin bow at the shoulders and a polka dot full skirt made from another vintage find of fabric.

Really, really enjoying making an individual dress each time. It gets the ideas flowing and makes each one develop organically in it's design. Each dress has to stand up for itself on it's own instead of having other pieces in a collection to back it up.
Anna, a wonderful friend who is creating the dresses has constructed them beautifully with satin bindings inside. She has far more patience than me for sewing!

On another note, cannot wait for Barbara Hulanicki's new Topshop collection. Have a complete obsession with Biba, not just the clothing but the whole brand, the illustrations, the interiors the excitement. Most defiantly want something with the prints and that amazing red print mini dress! Apparently will be distributed to all stores but I'm guessing the Weston Super Mare store may not have the best of the collection. (they always have the slightly mundane pieces to suit Weston's customers!)