Thursday 21 May 2009

Little Red Dress

A red dress is a little like a 'little black dress', there should be one in every wardrobe. They're sexy and can make a real impact, think Jessica Rabbit! They can have a tendancy to look a bit cheap (especially worn up to the gusset!) but I think we've nailed it with this one. Poppies and a yellow bow take away the slutty and adds a little more chic.

The poppies are centred with vintage buttons ........ will look delicious with accessories, comic book style. I love matching colours, it's a bit old hat but can really make everything pop.

Vintage 80's Ray Ban wayfarers

Red and Yellow Luc Kieffer Resin BanglesWhat could be better...Christian Louboutin's in patent leather with the signature red sole!

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