Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Girl Can't Hep It -Movie of the Week

This weeks film of the week is 'The Girl Can't Help It' starring Jane Mansfield, Abbey Lincoln and Julie London. 

Jayne Mansfield is the second blond bombshell of Hollywood, created by Fox Studios as their version on Marilyn. Miss Mansfield is a little like watching a Disney version of the legend but she is terribly cute and that waistline really is to die for.

The costumes are designed by the amazing Charles Le Maire also known for All About Eve and How to Marry a Millionaire. These dresses really set your heart pounding, from the first entrance all in white to the iconic red sequined gown through to a killer navy blue suit and the sweetest yellow sun dresses. Everything is designed so well. And check out the shoes ....

The musical score features Little Richard, who performs like he could head the Superbowl tomorrow he's so modern and the sensational Abbey Lincoln. Miss Lincoln is actually wearing one of Marilyn Monroe's gowns and strikes the most gorgeous hourglass shape.

Finally for elegance Julie London appears as a smooth jazz mirage in a collection of fantastic gowns in pastels and laces.
One of the best dressed films in history and the milk bottle scene is camper than any Carry On!

How to get that Jayne Mansfield silhouette? 

I spent most of the film trying to work this out.
So far my educated guess is a padded cone bra built into the dress. Jayne Mansfield is famous for her bust, but for it nearly falling out of dresses not for it being that large in reality. Amazing what a specially cut dress can do!
A very tightly laced under-bust corset that goes over the hips is used to reduce the waist with a smooth corselette/girdle to smooth the lines.

That's how to get the rumoured 40, 21, 40 figure, time to go and try it with some What Katy Did Lingerie!

Director: Frank Tashlin (Artists and Models)
Cinematographer: Leon Shamroy (The King and I, Blue Angel)
Costumes: Charles Le Maire (Bus Stop, All About Eve, How to Marry a Millionaire)
Art Director: Leyland Fuller (How to Marry a Millionaire) and Lyle R. Wheeler (All About Eve, Gone with the Wind, Blue Angel)

Info from IMDB and From the Vaults

Jayne Mansfield promo shot in the white gown.

Tulle dress to finish, the waist is so tiny and the bust so padded! 

The stunning Abbey Lincoln looking sensational in Marilyn's dress.

Two stills from The Girl Can't Help it Film