Wednesday 4 February 2015

Inspirations - Vivian Maier

Photograph by Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is my new inspiration. Last night I watched the film, Finding Vivian Maier. 

I had to choose just one image, and I chose this for obvious reasons. The image is blurred but it has such magic. You really have to look at the website and buy the book as all the thousands of images are so very good.

The story of this incredible photographer / Nanny Spy is just amazing and to think these images could have been lost forever if it wasn't for the brilliant John Maloof. They are both an inspiration.

The best thing about looking through the portfolios and watching the film is the documentation of every type of life. From a sartorial perspective look how stylish everyone is in the 1950s. From the kids to the old ladies, the poor and the rich. Everyone looks so considered. Vivian Maier froze this world in her images and the world looked so well designed.

Women wore lipstick and heels and men wore hats and a tie. They look like they cared, even if they didn't. Look at people in the street today and the majority are pastey lipped in waterproof misshapen coats and flat ugly shoes. Its hard to find people who stand out with style or look like anything but average. Even the style tribes of young people have nearly disappeared. Who would Vivian Maier photograph today? 

To read and see more images visit There are some great books too.