Tuesday 3 February 2015

Sequined Old Hollywood Wedding Dress - The Allen

Hollywood wedding

It's not every day that you get asked to make the gown of your dreams, but this day did come in the middle of last year.
Like fate I was sat at my laptop on a Sunday afternoon planning new designs and how I was ever going to have time to work on them. I had decided to take on no more bespoke work, ever again. And then popped up the best email asking for a full length sequined gown ......

Not only was this a dream dress but I had been recommended by another designer who's work I was in awe of. Such a compliment.

When to day came to meet Holly, a goddess emerged from the car with platinum blonde locks and a smile that literally belonged in 1940s Hollywood to rival Ava Gardner. This immediately set my head whirling with designs whilst I tried to contain my joy. Believe it or not this lady isn't a movie star, she's a fashion photographer.

Holly carried in a weighty bag that held the most beautiful sequined fabric. Fine pearlised sequins embroidered onto an ivory silk chiffon of the highest quality.

Then there was the design brief. A dress fit for Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit and Veronica Lake all rolled into one to make 'The Allen'. Seriously nothing could be more heavenly to me and Holly could carry this off to perfection.
I know this all sounds really over the top but this was my dream client, brief and fabric. It will never get better than this!

Holly bought with her a couple of dresses she knew fitted well so we used this cut as the base of the dress. The boned base was made in silk and the sequins stitched (breaking 10 needles on the way) to stop them un-ravelling when cut and then hand draped and stitched in place by hand.

We had a few fittings where I was just so over joyed at the sequins any minor adjustments were a breeze. I also designed a corset to wear underneath to achieve that dramatic hourglass silhouette cinching in the waist. This was a lovely part of the bridal trousseau made from the same silk as the dress with hand appliqued lace.

The day finally came to say goodbye to the dress. Together with her group of absolutely charming bridesmaids, Holly previewed her dress and I made the very final stitches whilst they enjoyed a spot of tea and cakes at the cabin.

This really was a dream to work on helped not least by a very beautiful bride inside and out who made my job a pleasure. The first dress in a long time to give me tears of happiness.

I will never forget 'The Allen'.  Congratulation to Holly and Brett.

Fantastically Anna Vickery will be taking care of all our new brides with her wonderful expertise in bespoke wedding gowns.
For all enquiries in visiting the studio, having a design consultation with Anna and myself and commissioning a dress contact anna@alexandra-king.com

The Sketch of the dress.
Hollywood wedding dress

Old Hollywood wedding

dream dress

Hollywood wedding dress

Film star dress

 The Bride Wore a sequined dress by Alexandra King with satin shoes by Supadance.
 The Groom wore a suit by Tom Ford with Christian Louboutin shoes.
 The wedding was held at The Crazy Bear, Stadhampton.