Wednesday 11 February 2015

1930s Inspiration

Inspiration images from pinterest - Vionnet Lame bow dress - Schiaparelli colour spalsh dress - Vionnet draped silk gown, Vionnet sage crepe dress - Rosemary and Sage berry bundle - 1930s distsy prints - 1930s backless evening gowns

The latest 'Good Hope' sage gown is inspired by the 1930s.

The 1930s was a depression and wartime era but one of the most elegant and glamorous for fashion with long slender silhouettes, the sexiness of the 1920s and beautiful, beautiful cuts.

I had a length of original vintage crepe in a sage green with a typical thirties ditsy print in white etched flowers. I knew it was begging to be cut on the bias but wondered of it could work as an evening gown instead of the obvious tea dress?

With a little research I discovered these muted colours were in evidence throughout designs from the 1930s. These Vionnet dresses above carry the dull colour well albeit in metallic lames. The dress with the colour splash is a Schiaparelli and I loved the contrast, it was a kind of hope in a dress.

Being depression era and using what is quite a depressing colour teaming a bright scarlet red for the lining would add that bit of hope. I also decided to use it for the neckline with a seductive flash of red over the sweetheart. The cut had to be long and lean with an added train for drama (if you you should). A draped bodice would bring texture and a low cut back was a must to give that naked elegance.

And so the 'Good Hope' dress was designed.