Saturday 24 November 2012

Shopping Day - Christmas Party Styling - Agent Debutant

It's Christmas party dress time and this week I'm finding all the treats to go with it ..........

I thought finding accessories to team with the little black Raven prom dress would be simple, I picked a whole load of beautiful stuff but very quickly it became apparent that I was in the Spy mood. If only I'd discovered this whilst all the hype about Bond was happening. (we don't talk about Bond here, it s a big disappointment)
So this wardrobe is for Agent Debutante. Imagine never been kissed but sleek, sexy, we were in France and she was an undercover spy who had been kissed.
We'd have Javier Bardem already spiked, Bond with bows in his eyes and be blissfully enjoying our beautiful collection with a whisky in the Sky Fall house. Of course joined by Dame Judy and Money Penny,who most certainly wouldn't be shunted off behind a desk.

So how will you style your Christmas party outfits agents? xxx

Clockwise from the Top ...... click on each item to shop.

1. I love these simple but elegant '30's Wallis' style shades by Illesteva. Perfect for every type of sun.

2. Delicate Art Deco Vivienne rhinestone stars hand crafted from British Accessory designer What Katy Did Next.

3. The everlasting classic with an added sultry black lace detailing The clean cut of this Erdem trench combined with the corded lace makes this an evening coat with punch. 

4. All I need to say about the Tatty Devinne 'Bow Tie' ring is that it's black, bold cut and a bow. Also makes a substantial 'poke his eye out' spy weapon. 

5. Agent Provoctateur is essential to this ensemble and the red and black lace Ameliah set is the ultimate distraction tactic after disrobing.

6. Every detail counts and M.A.C's Glamour Daze glitter polish nails it. 

7. Searching for the perfect black court shoe was hard with such an huge choice out there but Jimmy Choo won out with the spikiest heel Abels.

8. Our rainbow glitter skinny belt adds a subtle touch of sparkle to the matte tulle of the prom dress. Disco ball light catching, just what a sparkle should do.

9. I couldn't resist the Marabou feather Agent Provocateur mules, fluffy with bows and oh so pretty. 

10. Cockney pink lipstick from M.A.C is a gorgeous splash of colour to pick out the colourful glitter details and hot against the neutral black and khaki.

11. And finally a pair of gold (fingered) gloves by Bottega Veneta in softest metallic leather.