Wednesday 7 November 2012

Mid Week Movie - The Eye Has to Travel


This weeks Mid Week Movie is the fashion documentary on Diana Vreeland titled ......
The Eye Has To Travel.

If you want an inspirational and motivational film to watch that will spark your imagination into light then this will do it nicely. Providing you love all things completely over the top and fabulous that is.
I never really knew too much about this lady, Diana Vreeland editor of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. This film is a great introduction. I'll be buying the biography to read as I just want to know so much more about this utterly extravagant woman.

Mad, Maaad, Maaaaaad as a box of frogs, I love the tall tales, oh and her voice I could listen to this forever.  The stories of Chanel, Russia, The Ballet Russe, Nijinsky ...... rightly so, imagining in your head is far better in beautiful fiction rather than cold dull fact.

Faction is the new way forward, forget about the real world and let your imagination run wild with wonders.

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