Thursday 30 August 2012

Refresher Dresses

Earlier this year we were asked to design and make some dresses all in soft pastel refresher colours. This couldn't have been more perfect for the Summer season, sherbet lemons, mints and candy pinks were bang on trend.

The dresses and the wedding had a definite late Fifties vibe and we took inspiration from some advertising and fashion shots of this era. The full skirts with built in nets were a must and the maids chose to go for the cross over neckline that worked well on each of them.
The colours were surprisingly difficult to find when considering they make silk in every colour imaginable. After many swatches of yellow in particular we found the right shade in a local shop that matched a sherbet lemon.

Each dress had a grosgrain ribbon bow tied at the waist in a different colour.

Jemma (the bride) then asked if we could possibly make silk ties in matching colours for the ushers, as you may be able to tell, I LOVED seeing them all together! We gave each tie a different coloured lining and of course the 'Alexandra King' label was attached.
The colours just look so yummy. Imagine with some added glitter or studs or Miami Vice styling and how awesome these super sweet colours could be for every day :)

 ....... And here's a sneak peek of Jemma's wedding day with her bridesmaids. Jemma had a stunning full length gown designed by Sassi Holford, wow factor all round and I was so proud to have our dresses stood next to a Sassi dress!