Friday 17 August 2012

Friday Friends - Wings Art aka Chris King

So some of you may have noticed a few changes around here on the blog? This brilliant splattering of glitter and objects is down to Wing aka Chris King of who has given us a make-over.

This man is not only an excellent graphic designer he's also super talented with a blue pencil and a pot of black ink as an illustrator. His use of colour is always eye poppingly gorgeous, pinks and greens is a winner with me.
These talents may also be one of the reasons why he's the man I chose to marry. Kind of handy don't you think?

So what exactly does Wing do?

He makes type and graphics look beautifully spaced and incredibly stylish. This is more complicated than you think and nearly impossible to work out, but those white spaces in between the text are very important.

Wing designs logos and branding that always hits the mark and will certainly get you recognised, I've included some of my favourites below. He designed my bow which will last forever as our icon, it perfectly communicates our style. Kind of what a logo is supposed to do.

He sketches, inks and colours fabulous posters, he did our wedding invitation (above) which was a big fold out poster for each of our guests. I'm always blown away when I see the sketches and the inked versions, it's usually hidden away so I don't comment, he never thinks they are good enough!  It's rare seeing someone who can really draw in a proper way nowadays and is so fascinating to look at. 

Wing's also a big knowledge on illustration history and weekly art book reviews on his blog. He never says anything bad, the bad ones aren't worth mentioning. I'm so jealous of his book collection and it will make you want to add to your big time. I love the way he photographs the pages so you actually see the size and what the book looks like before buying.  

He does lots of other things too, designing graphics for the Kiddimoto balance bikes and helmets, commercial stuff making businesses look intelligent, album covers and zombie t-shirts, the list goes on. Basically making pages look beautiful in a very cool way.

On the rare occasion he may also give some excellent advice on your dress being made in the studio, his opinion is always appreciated and acted upon. If your dress has a waist detail that really flatters, or an ultra feminine silhouette thank him for his inspiration.

You may like to look at his blog, it has beautiful type, exciting visuals and he's not a bad writer either. You'll definitely learn something and if you like 80s B movies you'll love it.

Here is more of his wonderful work, I know this is a little biased but I love our new designed blog!
Thanks Wing xxx

Wing does a comic book movie every week for Illustration Friday and usually with a theme. These ones are my favourites, can you guess which films they are from?