Wednesday 3 August 2011

Winter Muse - The Princess

Princess Margaret in the Bath by Lord  Snowdon
I love this photo, it reminds me of my bath time growing up for some reason, I think my parents had a similar bath and mirror set up and the tiny things like the soap on the side reminds me of my Aunts house which was huge and gorgeously unfancy. I love the normality with that crown. 

Our Muse for the winter season is the Princess. After the Royal wedding of the summer it made me think (along with the rest of the world) about what it would be like to live as a Princess and how much of a fairytale it really would be?

I chose to research three specific 20th Century Princesses, Princess Marina, Princess Alexandra and Princess Margaret. (my mothers name, mine and the most gorgeous of all Princesses)  There are some amazingly lovely times for these women, in childhood particular which is full or parties, playing and running round large houses but there are other moments where there are restrictions, conformity's and a life that isn't entirely free.
Reading the biographies, viewing their clothing and visiting some stunning country piles has shown me that this is such an interesting life. Lots of extravagance and wonderful experiences but with strict boundries, it's old money and tradition with a little bit of loneliness and tired edges which I like. 

This is not the pale pink, fluffy wand twirling, butter wouldn't melt, virginal Princess us girls get force fed but women, who by the luck of the draw happen to be born (or wed) Royal. We look up to these women in awe as children and adults with a clouded fantasy of dreams and a little bit of greed for their lovely things and privileges, but, I personally wouldn't now want to swap the freedom of my 'general public' life for that of a Princess.

So this Winter collection is about Princesses, dresses, occasions, some wonderful indulgence with a little bit of caging in. Our Princess is a woman who breaks free and runs away with her dresses ...................   to be a show girl? or a checkout girl or anything she likes.

P.S I haven't mentioned Kate as we live in a different time now where things thankfully are a little bit easier for our Princesses. (however much our 'celeb magazines' would like us to think she is sad and lonely!) x