Monday 29 August 2011

The dress I've been wanting to show you....

So here it is, the dress I've been wanting to show you for such a long time. Emma and Arans wedding was last Saturday and I can now show you her dress, the making and fitting photos and some preview photos from her big day which from the sounds of it, was just fabulous! 

My initial sketches

Emma's mood board of all the dresses and details she likes

more initial sketches
Emma asked for a 1950s inspired dress that had lace, a huge Audrey style skirt and clean lines with bold detailing. And most of all a big bow at the back! She (like all of our wonderful customers) had the perfect ideas to suit our style and everything I wanted to do with the design of the dress Emma asked for like magic. 

Having a mood board of all the details and styles you like gives a really clear idea of your personal style and helps a huge amount when it comes to designing your dress. After a good chat it becomes apparant the tiny details that are important and being able to refer easily to pictures makes this process to whole lot more successful.

Anna and I worked on Emma's dress together over a few weeks and with Anna's perfect sewing skills and my direction for the design, it was a great success. It was great being able to discuss the details as we went. 
I like to build dresses from the inside out sometimes as the foundations are important to get right before the outer is completed and this way we can also judge the fullness and smoothness of the line. 
Each detail works so well on this dress, the grosgrain ribbon highlights the waist, the buttons add texture and the sculpted bow shape enhances the silhouette and the curve of the back. And the tea length means you can show off your shoes!

Emma's custom made lace shoes with matching grosgrain ribbon bows, tried in the fitting.

Dice checking that Emma could sit down in her dress with the bow, all these things are very important.

As you can tell, I am so pleased as super awesome punch with this dress and knowing that Emma had such an amazing day wearing it makes it all so much more fantastic. Congratulations to Em and Aran!!!!!

Captured by Anna on the morning of the wedding day.