Friday 26 August 2011


Hello my name is Dice and I have been doing an internship with Alexandra King for the past two months. I didn't really know what to expect when I first came to the studio for an interview and was surprised that it was so big for an independent designer. The internship has been very useful as I have learnt many important things from an independent designers way of working.

I learnt pattern cutting skills, new techniques- different ways of seams, zips and ways to grade patterns, also tracing and developing patterns. From this I decided to make three items which I have photographed on here which are a shirt,jacket and pair breeches, which I feel has improved my garment construction well. I have been really lucky to be able to do some of my own work alongside helping with the dresses.

Whilst being here I have also learnt how important social media is to use such as blogging and website updates which show followers what is going on and what other people think of their dresses.I feel that I have had a great insight into the independent business and wish to Intern in a larger industrial place to see the similarities and differences between the two. 

My Knitted trench coat, with leather details.

My work
Over the summer I was given a summer project to do by looking into a theme of my choice which, as I love birds chose to look into birds and their differences. Watching the Black Swan film made me want to look into personality differences, leading me to look mainly at owls and swallows. Owls are predators hunting for food such as small birds and other creatures. I then developed into looking at traditional hunting wear and therefore created a trench coat which is knit based as I specialise in knitwear at Uni. I then designed more and more to go on to create a shirt and breeches to try and fit in with the theme.
The Breeches- with leather inside leg patches and zip details.

The shirt- back pleat details and zip fastening.

Whilst designing I feel I have developed from just using knit to ways of embellishment in ways such as adding leather and fabrics with knitted trims.Over the internship it has helped me develop a capsule collection with outside help/ideas questioning things that may have been difficult to imagine/ translate into a garment.

Overall this has been a great experience with many funny memories. :)