Friday 6 March 2015

Our Packaging

We spent a long time finding the just right packaging to transport your dress to you and here is how it's packaged ....

Firstly your dress is freshly steamed then lined and padded with tissue paper. We use colourless tissue paper to protect your dress that is lightly scented so the whole experience of your receiving your dress is just that little more special.

Your dress is then neatly placed inside the large matte black dress box along with everything it needs to belong in your wardrobe, a satin padded hanger, care slip and dust cover. For vintage pieces this is the ideal flat storage too.

The box is then sealed and tied with the 'Alexandra King' ribbon ready to be finally placed in its protective shipping packaging.

We love that old-fashioned way of receiving a dress in a proper box and this is what we give to you. x