Tuesday 3 March 2015

Ask Alexandra - Styling The Sunflower Dress

Vintage style advice from Ask Alexandra. 
We have two great styling questions this week on how to wear a dress like the Sunflower dress. 

Hello Alexandra,

I do so love the new Sunflower dress, so perfect and welcoming for Spring.  Please can you help with ideas on how to wear in more casual settings, sadly people don't always 'dress' for evening events.  I am planning a race night that will be busy and active.  What shoes and maybe some shoulder covering.  Audrey Hepburn always looked just right in her full skirts whatever the setting, but I am not Audrey Hepburn! 

Well hello 'not Audrey Hepburn'! You're not going to feel very great if you think like that!

The sunflower dress is quite a formal cocktail dress but the races do call for some flamboyance. 
For shoes take style inspiration from the great Audrey with ballet flats, they always look pretty, keep feet looking small and you can run around all you like, even dance!

To make this more casual and with shoulder covering try teaming a cocktail dress with a sweater. I shrunk my husbands sweater for this occasion and it works well.
Or try layering with a long cardigan or the classic wrap dress. Something that is the same length would be better then how I've styled this but knitwear does add a lovely contrast to the textures.

Wear full makeup (smart/casual doesn't mean sloppy) and just remember 
Audrey Hepburn was Audrey Hepburn, and you must be YOU. Both can be fabulous. 

And our Second question.

Hi, Please can you advise on what underwear is best for wearing with Sunflower dress neckline and exposed back.  How can I keep secure. 
Also, I don't have a good neckline, how can I disguise this problem, yet still enjoy this style and design.

Good underwear for strapless dresses is essential. We are proud to say that our dresses don't fall down as they are securely boned with internal stays to keep everything where it should be.

However for extra security and shape we recommend The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra. It has little hands that hold onto your assets and push them skywards!
Alternatively with low backs try the What Katy Did Cabaret Bustier which has gorgeous vintage styling. And remember the matching knickers, no one like a miss-match under a dress.

If you are feeling a little insecure about your neckline, don't be. Many women are conscious of this area but look back to the forties and fifties and women of all ages embraced a strapless design showing off their shoulders. Look to the stunning Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard  crazy but so elegant. Also look to Advanced Style for inspiration, these women knock the pop socks off youth!

I layered the Sunflower dress below with a long sleeved bodysuit. The v neckline still shows some skin and doesn't make you feel so exposed whist keeping the main focus on the dress and you.

At the end of the day, take care of your body and you can wear whatever you like until any age.
Wear sunscreen!

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I hope this advice was of some help to you? I can't wait for your new questions. Ask me anything at alexandra@alexandra-king.com