Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Pandora Dress

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Finally the seventh dress, the Pandora. This little pop rocket of a dress is my personal favourite for its electric personality and illicit thoughts that filled my head whilst designing her.

A single scenario repeated in my imagination for which this dress would be worn .........................

It's a cold, crisp, dark night in New York city and Pandora is entering the premier of her latest film. The flash bulbs are cracking all over the red carpet, paps are shouting her name 'Hey Pandora, look over here for me!', fans are squealing with desperate joy flapping their autograph books and Pandora's porcelain face glows as her eyes sparkle in the light. 

The most famous starlet of our time is bundled into the theatre where she takes a deep breath and flicks her brunette hair back into perfected place. 

The gentleman on her right takes her over sized platinum coat and checks it in, the one on her left goes to announce her anticipated arrival. For just a moment Pandora stands alone in the foyer awaiting the overwhelming fuss that will be made of her in just two minutes time.

A tap on the shoulder startles her, 'he's waiting in the alley' a tall figure whispers closely. 

Her heart pounding and butterflies whirling everywhere Pandora turns on her sparkling heel and move swiftly towards the fire exit. Busting the door open the cold air freshly hits her skin as steam billows from the subway grates. The single light coming from the doorway catches the sequins of her dress shimmering as she opens the heavy black door of the car. In a split second she is free, gone. Leaving just a sheer glimpse of an image.

The Pandora is a coquette of a dress. The sweetheart of the neckline that molds over the smooth bust, the wrapping of the silk chiffon tightly around the waist and the dense sequins that shimmer over the bodice as it moves. The plunging back of the dress reveals all, with long drapes hemmed in indulgent marabou feathers fit for the finest courtesan.
Cut in an hourglass highlighting the curves and falling to the calf I wanted this dress to be both as sexual and ladylike as possible.

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black and white woman with fan burlesque

look book

look book

white dress with lace window

sequins and silk chiffon

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