Tuesday 17 September 2013

Tropical Autumn Cocktail Dress

Introducing a new one of a kind cocktail dress inspired by the tropics.

I first found this small piece of beautifully printed fabric a few years ago in a vintage store and immediately thought of 1940s post war movies set in Casablanca or the South Pacific. A bombshell in cottons and khakis, singing in bars surrounded by grinning GI's. 

The dark army green of the print is decorated with tropical birds of paradise and pastel florals which make this all the more interesting as you look at the dress. There was just enough to design the skirt which was complimented by a golden silk bodice. Green crystal glass beads were then hand embellished over the bodice here at the studio and blended at the waist. 

The design is subtle at first and slowly draws you in as you pick up the details with a hint of sparkle.