Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Niagara Dress

The Niagara dress was a couture design for our beautiful bride and model Nicole who was married just last weekend near Niagara Falls in Canada.

Nicole has the elegance and demure nature of Grace Kelly and after watching To Catch a Thief, it was the iconic sweeping chiffon gown designed by Edith Head that had to inspire this dress.
Constructed from a beautiful, finely textured silk chiffon with a hand draped pleated bodice and a scarlet red dramatic flare of colour.

Full length gowns are in the minority here at the studio but when I do design full length I'm always a little surprised how divine and goddess like they look and feel when complete. It's a fine balancing act of remaining elegant and almost regal with a gown design without tipping it over to be Disney ridiculous Princess or A-line average.
We got it just on with a little help from the great Ms. Head and beautiful Nicole.

Congratulations to Ed and Nicole! x