Monday 11 June 2012

The Week That Was ...

We'll be sharing each week in pictures as 'The Week that Was' so you can catch a glimpse of what we're up to. Here is last week.

Gorgeous green floral Tanya Whelan cotton for cutting.

A very special yellow dress order.

It was sunny here for a while last week.
A baby pink underskirt for a bride who will now be wed!

The 'Fat Willy's' surf vest Wing bought me from his trip to Falmouth. I love this neon logo so much and will be wearing this to death. (wish they had a more enticing website though!) 

The amazing box of trinkets sent to me as a thank you from What Katy Did next. The green glitter peg magnets are the perfect addition to the studio.
Anna and Laura outside the Goldbrick House tweet up hosted by the Little Wedding Helper last week. It was a fabulous evening of meeting some lovely people.