Sunday 24 June 2012

Sew It Yourself : The Scrunchy

Yep, it's a scrunchy. How could I not make one in the surf safari print?

Today the scrunchy is heralded as the definition of bad fashion. Long before Carrie had the 'scrunchy' argument with Burger in SATC, (it's how you tell if someone lives in New York or not, just so you know) has the scrunchy been firmly giggled and whispered bitchily about. For women it may have only had a year in the limelight before being the staple hair accessory for eight year old's in the nineties. 
I will also note that Carrie in this episode was wearing a fascinatior, a pretty bad one.

I think it's time for the scrunchy to return I have found so many blogs and people trying to do this over the last five years. It hasn't quite got there but maybe this is it's chance ..................... Even if it's just to keep your hair protected whilst sleeping.
Full neon print outfit is not required.

Here is how you can make one all of your very own. 

You will need: 

16" x 6" rectangle of fabric
6" of elastic
a paper clip for threading
Needle and thread
Sewing machine

Time required: 20 minutes

 1. Sew the rectangle together length ways and right side together

2. Turn through so you have a tube of your fabric

3.  Sew the ends together leaving a gap for threading the elastic

4. Thread through the elastic

5. Tie in a knot

6. sew the gap together

7. And here is your scrunchy. I even have curls which work perfectly perm-like with mine. 

Enjoy your Sunday and if you work out a way to make a scrunchy work for you, show me! I'd love to know your thoughts on the 'Scrunchy' subject x