Thursday 13 October 2011

Princess Coat and Hood

The princess coat and the studded hood. 

To match the velvet dress, as it's winter a coat was needed to match and instead of fixing a hood I wanted this to be separate so that it could be worn in different ways.
The coat took inspiration from fifties cocktail coats and the coats worn to the opera. It's to keep you warm and look fabulous with your dress whilst being seen entering the theatre or jazz club.
The cut is once again princess line through a fitted bodice and tightly fitted full length sleeves that are shaped at the shoulder with tulip folds. The skirt is full and pleated, to accommodate a full skirted dress  and to make an impact from behind. Fully lined in a heavy satin to the edge so that you get a peek of the pale gold every time you move.
The hood co-ordinates with the dress with a studded velvet lining and tie bow fastening. It's large enough to cover your whole head is is entitled the 'hiding hood' as every Princess needs to guard her face from the paps whilst leaving her lovers hotel room! It also has a great drape to it over your shoulders and would looks equally good styled with a skinny fit leather jacket.

The coat is available made to order from £365 and the hood is one size and from £90 direct from our online shop.  As you know with our made to order garments you can pick a different colour too if you really want, a dark red would look amazing!