Sunday 23 October 2011

Bows, Bows, Bows

As you might be able to tell I love LOVE bows. It's our logo, It's tattooed to my arm (I may have to get the actual logo tattooed somewhere if I'm feeling brave again), nearly every dress is tied with a bow and my favourite words in Mad Men were said by the gorgeous Roger to the even more Gorgeous Joan ' I love that dress with the bow on it, it makes you look like a Christmas present'.
I know some people may think this a little anti-feminist or derogatory making women look like presents be consumed, but I think it's pretty adorable. Why not look like a exciting present, and if you want to be unwrapped, then you can!

We made these super festive, Victorian, vintage fifties style bows with long tails. I know there are lots of pinched/pleat bows out there like our logo so keeping the forked tails made these a little more present like.
I then studded them with our wonderful metal rhinestone clasps and spangly crystals in different colours. I also managed to find these amazing glass cabochon's from a vintage bead seller on Etsy which have golden Queenies in the middle! I only had six of these and I must keep one.

I like to wear mine on the back of my chignon or bun (I love my bun ring that makes it super big too) but as it has a barrette clip on the back you can fasten it to the shoulder of your dress, a bracelet on your wrist or to a  belt. I think it's quite a versatile little accessory really and we all need bows in our life don't we? Even clipped on to old pair of torn Levi's looks pretty cool.

Horst's stunning picture of Gabrielle Chanel with bows in her hair.

I also made some Alice bands that reminded me of Coco Chanel's hair bows she wore amongst her curls. Now that's how you style a bow and it's not even that girly! This is what I'm off to do right now ....... bye