Monday 4 October 2010

Movie Monday

We had a mega film packed weekend with some real gems in the line up.

First up was Back to the Future. They were showing it in all it's remastered glory at cineworld on Friday night so we popped along for a late night viewing of the classic. None of us are old enough to have seen it on the big screen before and it was just like watching it for the very first time. There were so many things I hadn't noticed before especially how young and beautifully skinned Mr J Fox was! Gorgeous dresses due to the fifties 'back in time' and petticoats a plenty. 
Whilst we were at the cinema we also bumped into the Bristol Harbour Harlots Roller Derby Team, all awesomely styled as you would expect from roller girls and it was lovely to (if very briefly) meet them, slightly awkwardly as I didn't introduce myself! Show some love and support HERE

The next in line for Saturday was Misery, the Stephen King classic. I hadn't watched this before so Wing ordered a copy and we shared an evening of Misery with two friends :) No flamboyant dresses to talk of but it does have the legendary Lauren Bacall looking glam as ever in her 90's literary agent get up. Nail bitingly fabulous, I want to see lots more with Kathy Bates

After I picked up my new steam generating iron (mine broke and un-steamed dresses look rubbish!) we started our Sunday with Pedro Almodovar's Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. A brilliantly airbrushed colour feast and quirkily hilarious (on the same lines as Woody Allen) with the striking Carmen Maura. The visuals are glorious in a late 50's/ 80's pop video way in keeping with the 50's advertising style titles. I must see Broken Embraces next. 

Finally we watched the Godfather part II and again Connie has the most beautiful dresses, this time dark silhouettes with full skirts. I can't find a good picture but they were gorgeous. I'm not sure which I prefer part I or part II? We have part III next week! 

Also a very late night treat on Saturday was Mermaids on telly, I love Cher as an actress and her pink dotty dress. With Winona Rider and Christina Ricci being suitably cute and angsty what more good one want in a chic flick.