Wednesday 29 September 2010

Skirts and Culottes

 I have been meaning to share these for a while, I made a skirt and a pair of culottes for my Mum's birthday and have stolen them back to show off. 

The skirt is made in the gorgeously heavy cotton with pockets (Mum loves pockets!) and a wide fitted waistband. I added a little piping and finished with a metal zipper at the back for a more vintage touch. 
The culottes are made from this amazing wool fabric that has the finest hand embroidery along the edges ever seen. It's teeny tiny stitches and so beautiful. These again were full (Mum is very petite and looks wonderful in full skirts) with a fitted waist and silk lined pockets . 

I do love culottes so here are some more ...........    Chanel SS10 Culottes, McCall's Sewing Pattern and Gjon Mili Stroboscopic culotte wearing lady on a bicycle.