Wednesday 1 September 2010

The Fashion Reading List

 Our Top Seven Fashion Books ...............................

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This is a small selection of great fashion books which have been a HUGE inspiration. I could go on and on about many books but as of today these are the favourites. Sorry so many are out of print but you can find them second hand.

1. Fashion is Spinach by Elizabeth Hawes

This is an amazing, in detail account of Elizabeth Hawes becoming one of the first couturiers in America and even though the book was written in the 1930's it is still completely relevant today. Even the prices we are paying for dresses today are the same as in the great depression. A big hint on how we need to value our clothes a little more! It's a little hard to find but well worth every penny.

2. From A to Biba by Barbara Hulaniki

This book you can pick up easily and it is a wonderful whirlwind of the fashion, London in the 60's and the world that was Biba. If this doesn't inspire you about fashion or just make you believe that everything is possible then nothing will. It's time to read it again!

3. The Ossie Clarke Diaries by Ossie Clarke

This is good, a must read but in small doses as it can drag you down a little, if (like me) you don't like knowing too much about the grim parts of life. The diary is a fascinating insight into the genius that was Ossie Clarke. 

4. Chanel Solitaire by Claude Baillen

There are so many Chanel biographies kicking around at the moment but this one has to be my favourite as it was written whilst Coco Chanel was alive. The writer spent 10 years getting to know her, right up to the end of her life and it is a really wonderful look into her personality and quirks. She slept with her shears by her bed every night.

5. Fashion 1900 - 1939

This book was my Mums and is now very worn, the pages are falling out, I have cut pieces out of it (god forgive me!) but it was one of the books that first sparked my interest in fashion as a child. It's only a catalogue from a V&A exhibition but I remember staring at this book for years, the front cover is wonderful and pictures inside even more so. Full of wonderful designs and photographs and simply gorgeous.

6. Tim Walker Pictures
7. Lanvin Dean Merceron and Alber Elbaz

And Finally to two big ones, great coffee table books full of mouth watering beauty that are a must have, just to fill your eyes with joy!

All the links go straight to Amazon where you can buy the books second hand.