Friday 24 September 2010

It's been an exciting September full of great orders, birthdays and a visit to a business adviser that sparked off a whole load of new ideas!

In his pin striped suit, the business adviser clearly told me how it was; to value our work and to really go for everything I dreamed of doing.  I went along having realised a few things that needed to change already but really hadn't expected him to say "why aren't you using your own name"?  Being a 'creative type' as he called us, using my own name seemed a bit egotistic and too much 'all about me'.

As an only child and everything very much 'all about me, me, me' I spent a whole week in meltdown about name changes.  Would it change the whole feel that I loved about Makemeadress?  Would it have to be more serious?  Eventually after sleepless nights and driving everyone around me going up the wall with questions of 'what do yooooooou think?'  I calmed down, (with Anna's help) and realised nothing needs to change in a bad way and certainly doesn't need to take a serious new direction that isn't us.

So, the name has changed to Alexandra King but we're still keeping 'Makemadress' as the slogan to remind me that it's all fun and about gorgeous dresses!

We're making a whole load of great changes so that the dresses are even more top notch.  One of the things that really hit me from the meeting was the realisation that all I want to do, is make the most beautiful dresses.  So that's what I'm going to concentrate on with Anna's help and I'll take more time out to work on new designs.

We're valuing our work far more, going to make you the best dresses in the world and with our new business plan I will hopefully still be designing and making dresses in 60 years time!