Tuesday 6 July 2010

Gorgeous Green Dress

Just finished today. 

When this order came in a couple of weeks ago I was delighted with the request for an emerald green dress. 
Ever since Keira Knightley's incredible emerald, bias cut gown in Atonement I have been lusting after that beautiful shade of green.

The green was a challenge to find, and I went through quite a few different silks to find the exact colour which just radiated the green every time the sun hit it. The dress has one of our classic 50's silhouettes with the draped asymmetric neckline, the cinched waist and the full skirt which gathered  to the waist in tiny neat folds just like tissue paper. 
The most wonderful thing about this order is that it came from a bride to be, planning her bridesmaids dresses whilst on deployment in Iraq. Us girls sure can multi task in extreme circumstances!