Wednesday 21 July 2010

Green Dress July 21st

This week is going well, three day and three newly made items . I am very very pleased with myself today for making this dress.
I found the fabric at a sale at our local village hall, who would have though I would find such gorgeous vintage American fabric in Biddisham! The print is called Ashley by Waverly part of the 'Southern Charm Collection'. Its ivy with little clover leaves and my lovely Mum kindly smocked a panel in the bodice  for me.
I'm hoping the girl who gets this dress will be a little more Sassy with her Southern Charm! 

The thing that makes me happiest and most proud of myself today is that I have finished the zip with cotton binding. A little tip I stole from Elle collections and the snapshot of the Givenchy lace blouse. It makes such a difference. I also added satin pockets.