Tuesday 29 June 2010

New Photos for June

Anna very kindly managed to organise me enough to take some more photos of dresses and did a great job styling and directing the lovely Kim. 
Kim has a stunning and super striking, gamine look with her beautiful jaw line and willowy figure. I did ask her to be a little somber in mood to contrast with my girly dresses, she's very smiley usually!

The English rose garden was the perfect setting, there's nothing more beautiful than roses in summer and they complimented this floral dress. I then needed to tone down the sickly sweetness, I love Cath Kidston's whole English country style but I need to do it in my own style with a more darker tone. The big sheers and the Erwin Olaf influence worked out really well. This one below is my favourite.

I have also discovered more about how I adore really girly things, hour glass figures, flowers and tulle. But I do expect the girls to be wearing them to be feminine feminists to the core : )

Erwin Olaf has been a major influence with these pics, the book is just gorgeous. 

The blinds add some vintage drama to this scene and I love the way the light just catches the silhouette of the dress.

The final picture with Scrumpy, Anna's adorable parsons Jack Russell who went wonderfully with the print, shame you can't see the dress but they both look lovely.